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Patent Trolls Interfere with American Invention

The founder of Energy & Environmental Technologies, LLC, Orbeck Drilling Group, and Elite Steam Technologies, LLC, Arvid Orbeck, Jr. has helped develop several major inventions. Arvid Orbeck, Jr. comes from a long line of inventors, and his grandfather held several patents.

In 2011, Congress passed the America Invents Act, which overhauled the patent system. Despite this legislation, companies are still dealing with so-called “patent trolls,” or companies who purchase copious inexpensive patents and then seek out companies that rely on technologies that are similar to these new patents. The patent trolls then threaten the ventures, which in many cases are small businesses, with infringement law suits. In order to avoid expensive legal fees, many of these businesses settle. Experts have reported that patent trolls made nearly $30 billion in 2011 alone.

Several lawmakers, including Virginia House Representative Bob Goodlatte and Senator Patrick Leahy, have spearheaded a bill that would limit the powers of the patent trolls without interfering with companies’ rights to go to court in other related scenarios. In proposing this new law, legislators hope to promote American innovation by increasing patent certainty and decreasing frivolous litigation.


Arvid Orbeck Jr. on Grandfather’s Patented Gas Pump Metering System

On June 12th, 1940, Einar Orbeck filed for a patent for his recording apparatus, a device that included a meter to register the volume of fluid forced through a flexible dispensing hose by a pump or similar means. Primarily designed for gasoline, his invention enabled easy record-keeping through removable sheets with automatically reported information.

A previous invention had included a similar method for documenting quantity but only worked for a certain kind of gasoline. Einar Orbeck’s apparatus allowed for the use of several different qualities of gasoline with a manually adjustable printing mechanism.

Mr. Orbeck’s grandson, Arvid Orbeck Jr., continues his family heritage of earning patents for original inventions. Throughout a career spanning more than 35 years, he has worked with a variety of oil and gas companies, including assisting with hazardous waste cleanup. His inventions include a system for removing boron from water. Today, Arvid Orbeck Jr. holds responsibilities as the chairman and founder of Energy & Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Arvid Orbeck, Jr.: Hess Oil and Gas’ Environmental Expenditures

Entrepreneur Arvid Orbeck, Jr.’s work within the area of environmental remediation is extensive. His accomplishments include numerous patents and innovations, and he has worked with Hess Oil and Gas to remediate the impact of oil drilling.

Hess’ commitment to the environment is substantial. During 2008, it allocated $15 million in order to comply with state, local, and federal guidelines pertaining to environmental standards. Remediation is performed as needed in areas where the company’s actions, or actions of the past owners, have caused contamination in water or soil. These sites include offshore areas, terminals, gas stations, and refineries. Hess keeps a large reserve fund for remediation; during 2008, its reserve totaled $61 million. During the same year, the company spent roughly $23 million on remediation projects. 2008 also saw the beginning of the Hess Remediation Alliance, which aligns the company with its remediation contractors. The Alliance facilitates cost-effective, innovative approaches to the area of environmental liability.

Arvid Orbeck Jr.: Three Significant Modern Inventions

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Einar M. Orbeck who was an inventor, with one of his most notable inventions being the metering systems for gas pumps, Arvid Orbeck Jr. has also built a successful career patenting and developing new technologies that should have noticeable global benefits such as the ones mentioned below.

The world is constantly evolving and being introduced to new inventions. Three have had especially significant impacts on our lives.

1. The Internet. The Internet is essentially artificial telepathy. With it, information is transmitted across the world in just seconds. Today, more than 1.2 billion people on Earth are connected, and the number continues to grow.

2. The Laser. Also known as Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, lasers are essential parts of our lives. Today, we use them for a number of tasks, including playing discs in our home players, delicate surgical operations, precise measurement, and guiding weapons.

3. The Mobile Phone. Today, more than 2 billion people use mobile phones. It is hard to believe that just 30 years ago only a few people knew what a cell phone was. Now, mobile phones are replacing landlines, serving as the backbone for all professional and personal communication.