Arvid Orbeck Jr. on Grandfather’s Patented Gas Pump Metering System

by Arvid Orbeck Jr

On June 12th, 1940, Einar Orbeck filed for a patent for his recording apparatus, a device that included a meter to register the volume of fluid forced through a flexible dispensing hose by a pump or similar means. Primarily designed for gasoline, his invention enabled easy record-keeping through removable sheets with automatically reported information.

A previous invention had included a similar method for documenting quantity but only worked for a certain kind of gasoline. Einar Orbeck’s apparatus allowed for the use of several different qualities of gasoline with a manually adjustable printing mechanism.

Mr. Orbeck’s grandson, Arvid Orbeck Jr., continues his family heritage of earning patents for original inventions. Throughout a career spanning more than 35 years, he has worked with a variety of oil and gas companies, including assisting with hazardous waste cleanup. His inventions include a system for removing boron from water. Today, Arvid Orbeck Jr. holds responsibilities as the chairman and founder of Energy & Environmental Technologies, Inc.